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About Me...

  • Lisa Hardin


I have been married to Scott for 22 years he is a wonderful husband, he puts up with a lot and is very supportive of me and my business. I have always had a love for photography. My passion for it continues to grow constantly. As I watch my children change, I am amazed how fast the years slip by. I have four children and can still remember when they were babies. It seems like just yesterday they were cooing and making those sweet little expressions. Now I have two away at college. I always want to remember those moments and that is why I try to "Capture every moment".


I feel so fortunate to be able to do something I truly love. With my photography I try to cherish those precious moments and photograph children just as they are...being children. I don't like forced smiles. Some of my favorite images are the little onery faces or the real serious expressions because they're just being themselves. I love to see emotion in an image. My very favorite is to hear a client say, "That's so him!" or when I catch those unexpected "in-between" moments that convey the love and closeness between a family. That's when I feel I've done my job.


My goal is to "capture a moment" and beauty of your child so your memory never fades. I know just how special images of your loved ones can be. You never can get that moment back. I think it's very important to capture your child at different stages because soon you'll realize just how quickly those moments can pass away. I look forward to getting to know you and appreciate the opportunity to photograph your family.