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Little Details...

When should I book my appointment?


Typically we are booked 6-8 weeks in advance throughout the year. We normally only shoot on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We do not work weekends because that is our family time. During the holiday season (Sept.-Nov.) we book about 8-12 weeks in advance. If you are wanting an outdoor session the best light is early morning or just before the sun goes down in the evening.


When is my session fee due?


The session fee is due within 7 days of scheduling your session and is non-refundable. We do need payment to hold your appointment. We currently have a waiting list and if payment is not received within 7 days we may fill your spot with someone on the waiting list. Thank you for understanding. You may pay with a check or credit card. I have three children myself and do understand that children get sick. Please give 24-hour notice to reschedule so your session fee can be applied to your rescheduled appointment.


How long do sessions last?


Sessions typically last around 1-2 hours (newborn sessions usually take longer). I don't want my clients to feel rushed, I have a very relaxed atmosphere. I do allow time for breaks, if needed. Feel free to bring a snack or bottle for your child.


When should I schedule a MATERNITY SESSION?


Maternity sessions are best done around 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 months. Bring your favorite maternity outfits to the session. Don't be afraid of colors, layers or textures it just makes the image more interesting. Classic choices are jeans (without elastic panels), tank tops, fitted pants and cropped sweaters that expose the belly. We love lace, embellishments or anything with texture too. Fun socks, heels and fitted dresses work great as well. Have fun...don't forget jewelry, hats, scarves. Let your personality come through. If you have any cravings (cupcakes, pickles, ice cream) bring those along too.


When should I call for a NEWBORN SESSION?


The sooner the better! We tend to be booked 6-8 weeks in advance so take that into consideration. The best newborn images are captured in the first 2 weeks of life. Many curled up poses are only possible while the baby is very tiny. Baby acne and colic tend to flare up after 3 weeks of age, so to ensure a happy baby and smooth skin in the portraits it's best to schedule as soon as possible. If you call and schedule a tentative date we will do our best to fit you in if your little one decides to come early or late.


What should my newborn wear?


Clothing can be overwhelming on a tiny baby. Bare skin babies are my favorite. The best newborn portraits are captured with your baby wearing only a diaper cover or nothing at all. If you'd like your baby to wear an outfit, choose a solid color, collarless knit that will hug the skin. Collars bunch up and obscure the face. Also when coming for a newborn session be sure you wear a long sleeve black shirt and dark pants. Don't forget your hands will be in the pictures.


What to wear for our FAMILY SESSION?


I recommend wearing layers as much as possible with different textures and fabrics. Don't try to match everyone just coordinate and stay around the same color family. I've been having fun with color and clothing with interesting textures and grit, chunky sweaters, ruffles, buttons and ribbons. Pick a few colors and stick to them as a family. Dark jeans are always a good choice. Keep each person a little unique but stay within a color scheme. Have fun! Be creative! If you are looking for a more formal portrait with a very traditional look, I'm not the photographer for you. We can refer you to other photographers if that is what you're looking for in your portrait. Bare feet convey a timeless quality. I also love all kinds of fun, funky, colorful hats, scarves, baby legs and accessories.


What happens after the shoot?


I will email you a link to your online gallery which will be active for 7 days. We will have an order date set up after the 7 days so I can help answer questions and you can make your print selections. If your gallery expires and you have not placed your order there will be a XXX charge to re-activate the gallery.


When will my announcements be ready?


If you are ordering bebe' or graduation announcements they will be ready for pick up 1 week after you place your order. We always rush those orders because we know how important it is to get them out quickly.


When will my portraits be ready?


Your pictures will be ready 4-6 weeks after you place your order.



What are some online botiques we recommend?


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope I've given you a little taste of who I am and my style of photography. I look forward to "Capturing Moments" with you!